Good advice when you choose doors
1) Pine flooring is a good choice for summerhouses, penthouse or in the room under the carpet. It is due to softer surface. It is not recommended to use pine flooring in the room where you walk intensively.
2) Ash floor boards – it is really good natural flooring for your house or flat. Ash has harder surface than pine and is more resistant to humidity. Of course you have to lacquer the surface correctly to last long.
3) Oak flooring – it is classical choice. Oak guarantees the highest quality and durability.

Useful advises when installing the flooring
All sorts of flooring have similar rules which have to be followed when installing:
1) It is not allowed to install flooring in a room where the humidity is still high. It is recommended to install wooden flooring only when the room is already heated and ventilated.
2) Before installing the flooring you need to keep the floor boards in the same room about 10 days. This will help to equate the humidity between the room and flooring.
3) You have to leave at least 10 mm space between the wall to avoid wood expand problems.
4) Floor boards can be fixed with screws on top of floor beams. Beams should be fixed not wider than 600 mm spaces between each other.
5) The bottom side of the floor board should be covered with antiseptic (chemical substance which preserves flooring from rot, fungus or mold)
6) Boards which are only 15 mm thickness are fixed on top of DSP boards or subfloor.
7) For mounting works it is recommended to use PVA glue or nails.
8) The boards which are 20 mm height can be mounted straight on beams. Beams should have not wider than 400 mm spaces. Flooring should be mounted with screws.
9) It is necessary to lubricate the bottom side of the board with primer protecting against moisture.
10) It is necessary to wait at least 7 d. before polishing the flooring after the mounting works.
11) Polishing should be performed with softer sandpaper, because harder sandpaper can leave small scratches.
12) Choose quality lacquer. You need to lacquer at least 3 times. The best option is to lacquer 4 times your flooring.