UAB “VARA” main activity – wood products manufacturing, retail and wholesale.

Our main products:

  • Doors
  • Staircases
  • Flooring
  • Terrace boards
  • Outdoor panels for facade
  • Interior panels
  • Wood for sauna
  • Construction wood

We already have 25 years of experience in wood processing! We focus on each client to learn about their needs. We always try to give helpful advice in the construction field.

Our mission – to ensure best quality in wood manufacturing and to meet client‘s expectations. We find individual solution for each booking.

Our vision – to create warm, cozy and long-lived home.

Our values – to perform ordinary activities in an extraordinary manner.

The core of the company “Vara“ is very skilled joiners and craftsmen. During their long working experience they have found that the key to success is ability to adjust your work according to client needs. Company‘s machinery also suits to produce individual products.

UAB „VARA“ exports their production to  Korea, Viet Nam, China, Iceland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, England, Germany, Latvia and many more countries.